iPhone 6 Nillkin Gothic Gray

السعر العادي LE 52.00
السعر المخفض LE 207.00

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iPhone 6 Nillkin Gothic Gray
iPhone 6 Nillkin Gothic Gray
السعر العادي LE 52.00
السعر المخفض LE 207.00


  • * 100% NILLKIN Brand New and high quality;
  • * Elegant Arc, beauty Smart;
  • * This metal border is selected from excellent aviation aluminum, it has a Gothic stylish of pure and cold but it is light;
  • * Simple curvature with Iphone6 housing is exactly the same, does not hide the phone original romantic arc, with a minimum space to give the most considerate protection, small hippocampus buckle easy to buckle down;
  • * Delicate clasp, easy to install and remove;
  • * Extreme thin, reserved aesthetic feeling: High-precision CNC machine tool integrated, extreme thin, perfect matched which restore the beauty of iPhone 6;
  • * The round arc edge, feel comfortable;
  • * Built-in lint, anti-slip &anti-knock: the inner layer of fine design, paste lint prevent the paint chips;
  • * Smart design allows all functions available and accessible;
  • * Protect your phone four edges from dust, scratching and shock;
  • * Color: Grey

Package Included:

  • 1 x Nillkin Luxury Ultra Thin Metal Aluminium Bumper Case Frame.

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