Xperia Z2 Tempered Glass

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Xperia Z2 Tempered Glass
السعر العادي LE 155.00
السعر المخفض


  • Nillkin high quality nano anti-burst tempered glass protective film for Model;

  • Selected and used Japan imported AGC glass material and HARVEST nanotechnology with excellent defensive performance;

  • Used tempered glass, its hardness up to 9H, super strong and durable, against burst, explosion, impacts and bumps;

  • This screen film features super high transmittance and high restoring the original color of screen;

  • Its surface uses Nanometer thin oil coating which is anti-fingerprint, oil rub resistant and can effectively prevent and filter ultraviolet ray;

  • With anti-glare coating, eliminates glare, makes it possible to use your phone in sunlight or in brightly lit conditions;

  • Adopts the global advanced screen protector process technology, only 0.3mm thick;

  • Precise CNC cutting technology and Flat edging craft make the film fit the screen easily, combine the film and phone body better;

  • With advanced silicone static-cling adhesive technology, easy to apply and remove;

  • It is the suite edition, the whole set including the main screen film, 2 x camera film and the film paste tool;

  • Precisely pre-cut for your Xperia Z2;

Package Included:

  • 1 x Nillkin Amazing H for Sony Xperia Z2 Nanometer Anti-burst Straight Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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