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كابل USB أيفون/أيباد (أزرق)


كابل USB أصلى من ماركة نيلكن متوافق مع اجهزة الأيفون و الايباد

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Nillkin cable (Lightning port)


    Fast transmission , Free at once


     Do you still put up with the messed cable line ? Wire using the popular flat style structure designed to allow you bid farewell to it.Nillkin cable choose black , white, gray and blue four mainstream colors which break low profile and response of iPhone device’s simple and fashion style.Imported TPE materials,environmental protection non-toxic, soft delicate texture, strong toughness and durable;International standard plated tin copper core, anti-oxidation, it is fast charging and data transferring throng 2A electric current,safety and efficiency. Perfect compatibility iOS 8 the latest system,it is suitable for all iPhone’s Lighting port devices.

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معلومات إضافية

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