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شاحن لاسلكى Magic Disk 3 بنى


شاحن لاسلكى اصلى من ماركة نيلكن ماجيك ديسك 3 لون بنى

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 NILLKIN Magic disk III Wireless charger
 Vintage beauty; Aggressive freedom

 One more time, innovation during the inheritance; Combine classical PU with modern metallic elements; Beauty of the evolution; Refuse mediocre; Nillkin  Magic Disk3, the better wireless charger.


   Product Parameters

   Model :  MC011      Transmission distance : ≤6mm

   Input :    5V/2A       Charge efficiency : ≥70%

   Output : 5V/1A       Size : 105*105*14mm

   Optional colors : Brown

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معلومات إضافية

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