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فليكس الاصلى من نيلكن جراب مبطن ايفون X ازرق


فليكس الاصلى من نيلكن جراب مرن و مبطن  للأيفون X ازرق

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Nillkin Flex case – Liquid silicone case

Inner layer is made from hard PC material and lining is micro-fiber. The outer layer is made from liquid silicone, which is processed by integrally injection. Liquid silicone with excellent tear strength, heat-proof, ageing-resistance, not easy to yellow. Combination with PC material. It’s impact resistant. With international SGS and ROHS certification. Safe and environmentally friendly. Simple design, good touch feeling.

Spec :

  • Compatible Model:Apple iPhone X
  • Product Code:FL-HC AP-IPHONE X
  • Product Category:protective case
  • Product Net Weight:21.3g
  • Product Gross Weight:88.7g
  • Package Size:199*110*19mm
  • Product Size:146*74*10mm
  • Product Color:black,white,red,blue

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