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ديفندر الاصلى من نيلكن جراب مضاد للصدمات للجلاكسى اس8 اسود


جراب ديفندر مضاد للصدمات اصلى من ماركة نيلكن للجلاكسى اس8 لون اسود

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Spec :

  • Nillkin Defender II Series case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  • Materials: PC and TPU dual color materials to provide dual protection.
  • Wear-resistant and shockproof, defend against drops and impacts
  • Buttons stay covered, anti-dust and access to all phone feather and buttons.
  • Camera & Screen protection, the edge of case is higher the screen and camera to provide a full protection.

Nillkin Defender Case

  • Nillkin newly launched Defender case which make tough guy image for your phone
  • Select dual color materials:PC and TPU combined,two-layer structure which fells like iron case but doesn’t hurt device
  • Defender case is offering rock and roll colors , which interprets the teenagers’ uninhibited personality.
  • Totally enclosed type button design and accurate cutouts,effectively make longer life of its button.
  • Anti friction design and reserve some distance between front and back which protect your love phone from friction.
  • Its shape and accurate cutouts will protect your phone well.

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