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ديفنس لوكس جلد من أكسدوريا نوت 8 جراب قوى مضاد للصدمات حتى ٣متر

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ديفنس لوكس اصلى من اكسدوريا جراب قوى مضاد للصدمات حتى ٣ متر للنوت 8

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Defense Lux by X-Doria brings together refined luxury and durability to create the ultimate Galaxy Note 8 protective case.

Product Description :

Defense Lux is precisely crafted to perfectly fit and protect your Galaxy Note 8. The use of machined metal around the perimeter, instead of plastic, provides military-grade drop protection without the bulk. Inside, a shock-absorbing, rubber layer is mated to a hard, impact resistant polycarbonate backing. On the back, a luxurious rear panel is added, ensuring Defense Lux always feels great in hand. Drop tested to survive 9.9’ (3M) drops on concrete, Defense Lux exceeds the drop standards laid out by Military Standard MIL-STD-810G. An integrated sound channel amplifies the bottom speaker and redirects sound to the front of the case for the best sound experience. Simple, one-piece construction means Defense Lux is easy to snap on, no tools required.


  • Certified To Survive 10’ (3m) Drops on Concrete; Exceeds MIL-STD-810G for drops
  • Durable, machined metal exterior frame provides military-grade protection without the bulk
  • Integrated sound channel amplifies the bottom speaker and redirects sound to the front
  • Luxurious rear back panel feels great in hand
  • Soft rubber interior lining absorbs shocks and jolts
  • Clear polycarbonate shell protects your device without covering up your choice of color
  • Raised lip protects your screen from drops and surface scratches.
  • Simple, snap on construction means no tools or screws required


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