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ديفنس كلير من أكسدوريا ايفون 7 بلس|8 بلس جراب قوى مضاد للصدمات لون اسود

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ديفنس كلير اصلى من اكسدوريا جراب قوى مضاد للصدمات أيفون 7 بلس|8 بلس لون اسود

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iPhone 8 Plus | 7 Plus Case Defense Clear

Defense Clear Case is an iPhone 8 Plus | 7 Plus Case with triple layer shock protection to shield your iPhone X from jolts, drops, scratches and more.

Product Description :

The secret to Defense Clear’s ultra protective design is two layers of shock absorbing rubber.

The first is a clear, rubbery TPU that lines the outer edge of your case, providing grip, button protection, and overall drop protection.

Inside is a layer of special DropShield shock absorbing polymer, which actively deflects the force of shocks away from your phone. On the back is a clear, hard polycarbonate shield to protect the main body of your phone.

These iPhone X protective cases have a raised front lip to keep your screen off of tables and other flat surfaces.


  • Triple layer shock protective iPhone 8 Plus | 7 Plus case with special PolyOne liner to absorb impacts
  • Raised front lip protects your screen
  • Easily pocketable, slim and drop protection
  • Perfectly fits your iPhone 8 Plus | 7 Plus for long lasting anti-scratch and drop protection
  • Works with iPhone 8 Plus | 7 Plus

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